About Afrogroov

AFROGROOV is an afropean music network incepted in London in 2001. The network has established its cultural relevance and impact on the global music circuit through DJ-led initiatives including club nights, forums & conferences, festivals, tours, social activism, education/workshop, and broadcast on multimedia platform such as TV/Radio and Internet.

Now based in Rwanda, AFROGROOV has become an ever-expanding network of creatives individuals and organisations offering creative services to international organisations, embassies and institutions. Through activities and happening, we connect creative people, ideas and concepts to sparks new conversations about afro culture in the 21st century.

What we do

AFROGROOV produce club nights | screenings | live performances | dj culture | audio & visual production | media | radio & tv broadcast

Get in touch with us

Email: info@afrogroov.com

Twitter: @afrobysoul

Tel: +250 781 446 204