Deo Munyakazi

It’s rare to find young people who are passionate about traditional music. However, Deo Munyakazi is quite a head turner—he is a budding artiste doing traditional music.

“I’m a proudly Rwandan traditional music artiste, and I play Inanga very well,” this is the first response you get when you ask him to describe himself.

Inanga, is a Rwandan traditional harp-like instrument made out of wood, with strings which run above a wooden trough. The origin of the traditional musical instrument dates back to the time of kingdoms, as it was played during rituals, for the king in Palace to make him happy and sleepy, and in harvest celebration, among others.

Touted as a rising traditional music star, Munyakazi is bringing back welcome shine and relevance to the instrument, his unique skill were noticed by Rwandan cultural icon Cecile Kayirebwa who invited to perform at her annual INGANZO YA KAYIREBWA, he also jammed with Nigerian Blufunk innovator Keziah Jones.