Ibaaku!! Electro straight from Dakar!

Now now now my people …. musical soundtrack straight from Wakanda in Kigali!!
The futuristic afro electro sounds of the Senegalese innovator DJ/Producer IBAAKU will be introduced to the Rwandan massives during a short sunset DJ set on Friday 1st June at The Root House Kigali this Friday from 6pm to 8pm.

Ibaaku, the last of the names he has given himself, he is an artist in motion, ethereal, propelled by an eclectic and insatiable appetite for sound.

His creative journey began in Thies – Senegal 3rd largest city – through practicing keyboard and clarinet, has gradually led to different genres he loves such as hip-hop, soul, jazz, folk, always on the move, always on the edge of new sounds and new ways.

Ibaaku is currently on a huge African tour which will see touch base in many countries for the first time, he recently mashed up the the BushFire Festival in Swaziland. 

See you on June 1st at The Root House Kigali for an appetizer: Dj-set at sunset! The Jebena Café – Kigali will offer you Ethiopian specialties.

He will later join the Urban Gorilla Collective for a guest slot amongst an army of afro electro DJ’s from Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa.

Next Day IBAAKU Saturday 2nd June, IBAAKU will perform a big & loud full live sound & visual show  at @BelAir in Remera.

Both events are Free Entrance.

Ibaaku in Kigali is an initiative by the Institut Francais in Rwanda